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Bulk Orders

Kaati Zone delivers two core values to customers – health and convenience. We offer choices like whole wheat parathas, egg white add-ons in rolls and low oil content in our food, keeping in mind the profile of our customers who care about their diet. And all our food, whether it is kaati rolls or complete meals, is packed in boxes that allows you to consume it anywhere without soiling hands. Kaati Zone is therefore an ideal choice for all kinds of orders.
For all your needs for bulk orders in and around Bangalore city, simply call Pramanik at +91-9449112328

Is your staff bored of the same dal chawal food from the caterer? Kaati Zone can offer a solution by creating a live counter in your cafeteria periodically. We serve several large multinational corporations through weekly/fortnightly counters serving kaati rolls and combos.
Looking for non-messy options for working lunches or training programmes? Kaati Zone can deliver kaati rolls or individual meals that can be served even during discussions. No soiling of hands, no clearing of plates or trays. An elegant meal solution for busy corporate situations.
Are you celebrating indoor or outdoor? A birthday party or a party on achievement of targets? Or a cricket match or outing to Nandi Hills? Invite Kaati Zone to provide simple and non-messy food options. We have a mobile store that can meet your outdoor needs. You no longer have to depend on dubious local restaurants/dhabas and ruin your weekend. Of course, we may need around 100 guests to make the outdoor solution economical for you.

Inviting friends over for a weekend bull session or a karaoke? Kaati rolls are ideal accompaniments with drinks. Shut your kitchen and spend quality time with friends. Simply order our delicious rolls with chicken tikka or falafel and seal the garbage bag before retiring for the night. No washing of plates, no residual food in refrigerators.
Celebrating your child’s birthday? Kaati Zone can offer interesting non-greasy but tasty food options, either delivered in boxes to your home or prepared live depending upon the guest count.
Call Kaati Zone for all celebrations in your apartment complex during Diwali, New Year eve, Christmas or other cultural events. Keep the entertainment going even as you grab a bite.